TV & Film Studios

This exciting project is being developed in a partnership between The Northern School of Art, Hartlepool Borough Council and Tees Valley Combined Authority. With potential funding of £2.8m this project will bring to Hartlepool The Scott Building, providing a flexible internal arrangement to maximise teaching space provision and stage / set production; and The Northern Studios, the only dedicated film and television studio production base in the North East region incorporating workshop facilities and equipment for immersive and emerging technologies, as well as large scale 3D fabrication of sets and props. The Northern Studios will provide 3,000m2 of sound stage, green screen studio, workshops and production office space.



  • Both projects have been submitted to Hartlepool Borough Council for planning approval.

Next Steps

  • The outcome of a funding bid to the Tees Valley Combined Authority should be released by early February 2019. 
  • Subject to successful planning approval and funding, both projects will aim for completion of the buildings during 2020.
  • The Northern School of Art have a number of new courses to be released in conjunction with the opening of The Scott Building linking firmly to educational and work experience opportunities within TV and film production. 

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