Stockton Street

This highways project is an important initiative to improve the pedestrian routes between the Church Street area that serves the leisure, education and creative business area of the town with the civic and shopping areas of the town centre. Completion of the project is scheduled for early September 2019.




The project has been designed by Hartlepool Borough Council’s in-house Engineering department and is funded by the Council and the Tees Valley Combined Authority.

  • A new single crossing has been laid across Stockton Street, between Wilko's and Church Square, replacing the two-part pelican crossing and making it easier for pedestrians to cross the road.
  • There is improved access to Middleton Grange Shopping Centre through the creation of right-turn entry into the shopping centre’s multi-storey car park from Stockton Street southbound, the right turn is now controlled by sensor-operated traffic lights.
  • Alterations are being made to the junction with Church Street and Clarence Road. The northbound sliproad onto Clarence Road and the southbound sliproad onto Church Street will be removed and replaced with right turns at the junction traffic lights. This will be make it safer and quicker for pedestrians to cross the junction.
  • The wall and railings down the central reservation has been removed and replaced with quality low-level landscaping.
  • New paving has been laid between the Hartlepool College of Further Education and Middleton Grange Shopping Centre.
  • Paving and lighting on Stockton Street has been renewed.

Next Steps

  • Town banners will be installed along the street.

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