Church Street Public Realm Improvements

The council undertook a strategic program of public realm works within the area. Church Street is the focus of the Innovation & Skills Quarter, and undergoing a significant rejuvenation. The aim is to breathe new life into a historic area of Hartlepool.



  • Church Street improvements are now complete.
  • Work began last year to create a more open, pedestrian-friendly street, with improvements including new block paved footpaths and roads.
  • The Church Street and Church Square improvements were funded by the Tees Valley Combined Authority, National Lottery players through the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) and Hartlepool Borough Council. 
  • The new layout will make it easier for parts of the street to be closed to host future events such as markets.
  • Public art works have been placed in Church Street - including plaques in the paving.

“These much-needed improvements will enhance and celebrate this historic quarter of Hartlepool, creating an attractive and revitalised environment for people to enjoy and in which businesses can flourish.” 


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