World Cup Issues in the Workplace

World Cup Issues in the Workplace

The world is full of two types of people. Those who love football and those who loathe it but when it comes to the World Cup things change and people who have shown no interest at all in the game will suddenly watch matches.

Previous World Cups have seen a rise in absenteeism so before things kick off in the workplace, employers need to be clear on rules.

When matches are outside of working hours absence may not be a problem, but an issue which could impact on the workplace is staff celebrating and being worse for wear the next day when due to attend work.

Rights to time off work will depend on the contract of employment and normal rules should apply with requests for time off normally dealt with on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

There should already be procedures in place for managing absence and having a fair and robust absence management procedure is likely to deter those who may consider ‘throwing a sickie’ to watch a match. Return to work interviews should be carried out – even following an absence of only one day.  

In the short time since the last World Cup, the use of technology has moved on and today many people have smartphones and tablets on which they can watch a match. Employers need to make sure that any policy they have on personal use of the internet during working hours includes not only using company equipment but also personal devices.

Fortunately, the World Cup is only once every four years but it is a timely reminder of some of the policies employers should have in place.

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