Employment Legislation Update: Fit for Work service

Employment Legislation Update: Fit for Work service

The way in which sickness absence is managed is about to change with more support for employers under the new Fit for Work service.  The free service will provide occupational health advice and support for employers and is likely to be welcomed by many smaller employers who lack this assistance.

There are still high levels of absence in the UK with estimates of over 130 million working days lost per year.  Research has shown that work is good for us but the longer someone remains away from work, the likelihood of them returning diminishes.

Some absence is inevitable but what happens during that period when it continues is crucial in facilitating a return to work. 
The new service is being rolled out across the UK and further information about the service can be found at

If you would like further information or support, do not hesitate to contact Sheila Watson on 01429 857082 or via email at

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