BID Writing & Social Value Masterclass

Hartlepool Borough Council in partnership with NEPO are offering Hartlepool businesses the chance to attend this 1 day workshop.

Your ability at writing bids can be crucial for your business.  This full-day INTENSIVE masterclass focuses on what you write and how to write to gain the most impact within tight word counts.  It will help you use the right models and processes to build compelling bids whatever the bidding process or structure.

This interactive session will share with you proven approaches and techniques, and help you think like a professional bid writer, including:

  • Getting right inside the requirement and ‘what they want’

  • Understanding “Why us” and how to use that to make your bid stand out

  • Successfully navigating The Selection Questionnaire and PQQs

  • Key types of questions and how to approach them

  • Understanding the client

  • Managing word counts and deciding what to include

  • Obtaining and using feedback

  • Managing your contracts to maximise success